Equipment sent and, Bpost tracking number lost and I have a big invoice

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Dear Proximus,
I have an issue with your returning service/office and more particularly the lack of recognition the box I've sent to your with decoder and the modem.
I have the following case:
on 14-th of September, I've left the country noticing this in one of your offices and taking the blanks I need to put in the box along with modem and decoder. The devices have been sent to you by the girl, who was babysitting my son and she forgot to put the blank in the box containing the barcodes and numbers of the two devices. On the same day, she passed me the ticket from bPost. Unfortunately, I've lost this paper, and the next week I had my last week before I leave your country where I've queued two times at the office of bPost after being two times on the phone with your support. Your colleagues (being extremely polite and helpful as always) had adviced me to go to the bPost office and request again the package tracking number. bPost at Rue de Champs (next to Espadon) had told me that "it is impossible" to give me the package number in case I've lost the paper. This is something that doesn't make sense as in 21 century where they have software for that they can't give me the number of a package, which has been sent on behalf of me and has my names on the box and I know the exact date, time, office and even the employee who has taken it.
I did however found a transaction made with my MasterCard on the same office for this box on the same date. But I am no longer in the country and can't go there in person, unfortunately not speaking French as well, which leaving me almost no chances to the this number
I think you got the idea about the situation. Now I no longer in the country. I have a bill of 325 euro because of these devices, which are in your store and that's for sure because I have a person on my previous address and I've received no return package. I concerned to keep your mobile service, but I also know that it's going to be cut off because of that bill.
I want to request a kindly reasonable way for solving this as raising cases to other institutions will make things slow and ineffective.
I would also like to listen to your advice on the case, please?

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I would like to say that my case has been solved in a very elegant way - thank you Proximus team!