Desactiver DHCP IPv6 sur b-box 3



Il parait que la seule possibilité de désactiver IPv6sur ma bbox 3 est de vous contacter ?

Est-ce que je peux vous demander de désactiver IPv6? Car IPv6 cause qqs problèmes avec mon fournisseur de VPN.




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Like @titi70 just said above: Proximus doesn’t disable IPv6 anymore.

You have to disable IPv6 manually on the device or use a third-party router that lets you disable IPv6 on your local network.

There is no reason why IPv6 should create “major connectivity issues”. 


in my case, it does of course, otherwise wouldn’t have bothered commenting in this thread.

It’s completely bonkers that you cannot configure this BBOX modem/router combo to make it work as you wish, as the only thing it does it configure an A/VDSL connection to an uplink at proximus. 

Really user unfriendly approach, especially those power users that actually know how to configure these products, if only they had the admin creds;

Probably the first question to answer is “why does IPv6 creates major connectivity issues” and fix the reason instead of disabling the protocol which is supposed to become de-facto on Internet. It’s like switching off electricity in a house because some device trips a circuit breaker…

About the configurability of the router, other providers apply the same restrictions. So called “power users” use their own router via a PPPoE connection or “bridged” mode for the Internet Box.