Internet speed downgraded to 30/10 (and loss of IPv6)

[I apologise for posting in EN! :frowning2: ]

This is my first post, and I would like to thank you, in advance, for your help!

Up until a week ago I was able to reach download speeds at home (I have the Internet Max pack) around 57-58 Mbps (download) and 19-20 Mbps (upload).

Following an “intervention” by a Proximus technician who upgraded my b-box 3 to b-box 3v+, two things have happened:

  1. I am “only” reaching 26-27 Mbps (download) and 8-9 Mbps (upload). These, as well as the aforementioned, figures are obtained using an ethernet cable.
  2. IPv6 is no longer active: I only get “Link-local IPv6 Address . . . . . : fe80::” (output from ipconfig command, as well as from the Network Connectivity setting on

As far as 1. is concerned, I understand that for “stability” reasons, the technician imposed the “Proximus profile name: 30/10” - without informing me. I had not experienced any stability issues prior to his “intervention”, not a second of downtime for months on end.

I have been calling the EN-speaking line (0800 55 800) and speaking to a number of technicians but I have not received any concrete help, and the issue persists.

As far as 2. above is concerned, I tend to think that there is a mis-configuration, somewhere, on my line. One of the many Proximus agents I spoke over the course of this past week mentioned to me that there was a “lock” (?) on my profile, and that at thar point in time I was assigned a “Proximus repair profile”, but I fail to see how this is linked to IPv6. In the meantime, one agent sent me a new modem, but this issue persists as well.

Could you please help me?

Many thanks in advance!


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@kg1976 I hava no idea for your loss of IPv6. But for the DSL profile, the technician’s intervention has maybe reset your DSL profile. There’s a mechanism which periodically checks the line quality (DLM, Dynamic Line Management). Generally, it takes one (or two) week(s) to fully analyze the quality of the DSL line.

So for the DSL profile, I recommand you to wait a couple of days. If your old profile isn’t restored within 10-12 days, maybe you can consider there’s an issue.

By the way, some workers by Proximus have the ability to force the DLM action. But you’ll have to wait until Monday or Tuesday and have some luck in this case… ;-)

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Hello @kg1976, 

I have just checked your file. 
Your line was blocked at a lower speed as it was experiencing quality problems and outages. 
I have contacted the 3 technicians who visited your home. The problem comes from the vertical cabling and this must be changed by you.
At the moment there is nothing more we can do.