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Hello, for ~ 3 days I have been observing a low download speed. Approximately 2-3mb / s, although earlier it was equal to 20-30mb / s. The recommendations for correcting that are indicated on the site did not help. How to solve this problem?

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Proximus collaborators normally will not be on line anymore on this public forum before monday morning

Eventually you can contact 0800 55800 for support on the subject


Could it be possible that your mmaximum data volume amount X/month has been reached e.g. 100 GB/month for an Internet Start subscription? To be verified eventually in/via MyProximus account


I do suppose the speedtest has been made with 1 PC/laptop directly connected to the Bbox modem/router via utp/ethernet cable (and all other devices off)

Eventually if possible do check in the mean time your line status more in detail via the Bbox/Sagemtool in case the Bbox is of type Sagem (comme  user with the user password present on a white sticker on the Bbox


cfr. e.g.

Débit très lent | Proximus Forum

Most important parameters are current & maximum speeds in Mbps, noise margins in dB, profile name, DLM/Repair profile, distaance in m  and modem/ROP compatible yes/no


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Hello @VVP , 

Could you please indicate your client number in your profile? The number you have entered is not correct.