no internet

Hello, I'm having no internet since last 1hour at my homeshome that I could NOT reach the customer support.

I have tried all the steps mentioned and still no success.

I was into some important work and is largely impacted due to the internet outage at my home.


Is there any way, I could reach out to tech support team for the resolution?

Is anyone else also facing similar issue now?

I stay in Mol, and I'm not sure if it is problem from Proximus or my side.

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0800 33800 support technique

En semaine de 8 à 22h. Le samedi, le dimanche et les jours fériés de 9 à 22h

0800 55800 technical support: 

On weekdays from 8 AM to 10 PM. On Saturday, Sunday and on public holidays from 9 AM to 10 PM


Thank you, 🙂

i tried the number mentioned, but I see that they operate only during certain hours during weekdays and weekends.

The hotline channel is not open now.

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0800/33800 gratis. :wink:

@+ Gilbert :sunglasses: