Not possible to bypass B-Box 3V+ ?

I have a fiber optic connection and a private router that is working successfully behind a B-Box 3v+ router. Since I’m not using any features of the B-Box, I tried connecting my private router directly to the ONT, but could not establish a connection to the internet. I entered my PPPoE settings in my private router, but still could not connect. Are there some other settings I should enter or is this just not possible?


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Here we goes. Titi you are lucky I am not next to you, I would kiss you! ;-)

:grin: Who said I would mind ? :wink:

Glad that it works !

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Is it working ? :):heart_eyes:

Even the customer helpdesk tell that the bbox must remain. It’s not the case for a Fiber connection. Last week I had a customer who successfully connect an Honor 3 router (very good beast, I just bought 3 of this ^^) to his ONT and got 950 mbps :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: