Technician left without solving internet problem (use of 3G/4G router?)

Dear Sir/Madam, 

We have now been without internet for 5 days - since a technician cam into our house and installed a 3G/4G router as a 'temporary solution' while the external cable was fixed. 

When we left on the 16 June, he gave no instructions on how to proceed and left the normal router unconnected. He left us a card with a number and email to contact (an org called 'contructelmodel'’?) - but we have had zero response when we have tried to reach out. 

After looking at the instructions ourselves, we tried to connect the 3G/4G router to the normal router. However after connecting the cables, it seems to still be unsuccessful. 

When we have tried to call proximus, they have said that they are not in a position to advise on the 3G/4G router. In fact, they say that in there system they see NO RECORD of a technician coming to install a 3G/4G router. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE!? Surely there should be some sort of coordination going in between Proximus and the technicians they send. Or did we just allow a random man into our house? I am absolutely shocked at the lack of coordination. 

What is the solution now please? We rather urgently need wifi to work from home. We dont care if it is with or without the 3G/4G router - as long as we have something that works! 

It would be much appreciated if a solution could be shared ASAP!

Thank you, 


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I just check your connection and I see your VDSL connection is now online, is it well resolved ?