Wrong date of birth

I realized that my date of birth on my profile is wrong, but I cannot modify it on my profile. How can I update it ?  My identity validation is still pending, and would like to fix to avoid problems. Many thanks

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Hello @Jeromin  


The date of birth can not be modified for the moment. If you want we can ask for the account to be removed so you can create a new one with the good date ? 

Thank you Maxime. I was able to order an internet package in the meantime, so the account seems to be working. So I would rather not change anything at this point, as it might interrupt my order.

More importantly: I received an e-mail asking me to choose a date for the installation, but when I try to do so it does not show me any available dates. Can you help? We would like a date as soon as possible . It is quite urgent. The details of the order are:

order reference number: 


-customer number: *******

Installation on telephone/line number: ***********

- Installation address: ****************)



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Hello @Jeromin 


After check the appointment is fixed for 05/09 for your request.


I removed your personal data from your message 😉