Daily Roaming Pass Activation


Bonjour ,

Je voudrais être sur que

  • les sms lus (pas envoyé)
  • deux sms envoyés (pas trois)
  • Whatsapp via Wifi

n’enclenche pas la mise en route du Daily Roaming Pass ?


Reçoit-on toujours un avertissement de la mise en route du Daily Roaming Pass ? Sait - on vérifier s’il est enclenché . Est il vamable de 0H à Minuit ou pendant 24 H  (exemple de 10H du matin le vendredi au samedi 10 H ) ? 


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Bonjour @MichelBrouillard,


  • Les sms lu ne déclenchent effectivement pas le daily roaming pass
  • 2 sms envoyés sur les mêmes 24h non plus
  • Whatsapp via Wifi ne le déclenchera pas non plus mais veillez dans l’utilisation du Wifi à ce que vos données mobiles soient bien bloquées car si votre téléphone a le malheur de se connecter sur la 4G, celui-ci sera déclenché.


Vous recevez effectivement un sms lors de l’activation de celui-ci. Le daily roaming pass est valable 24h donc s’il est activé à 10h, il sera valable jusqu’au lendemain 10h.


merci Maxime et avez vous une réponse à

  • Les sms lu ne déclenchent effectivement pas le daily roaming pass

Merci d’avance de votre aide


Sorry j’avais pas vu les réponses intégrées dans le texte. Merci beaucoup !!!!

Currently travelling  in Thailand. Daily roaming passes activated. Belgian pack included 5 GB of data. My Proximus says that once the roaming  pass is active you can use the data in your pack in the third country as if you are in Belgium. Have only used 1.27MB out of 5GB. However phone blocked because the surfing limit roaming of 0.77 MB has been reached.
Was in the chat for over an hour yesterday without being dealt with by a human being despite being told at the start that the wait time was less than 10 minutes on average. Still no reply from Proximus.
Does anybody know what is happening with these completely contradictory rules for roaming outside the EU?

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Hello @Mark k,


The daily Roaming pass has been correctly activated for 10 days. The last one was activated on 20/02/2023 11:19:42 (Belgium time). So you reached a total of 59.5€ for the 10 daily roaming pass and it is the maximum that will be charged as it is a maximum of 10 per month /// + 0.50€ for a MMS usage. So the limit is 60 euros per month and it is indeed reached. I have the feeling that this might block you anyway. Can you please go in your MyProximus app, select your mobile phone > Settings > Surf without limit and put it on yes for the 60 euros limit. One hour later try to connect again and see if it unlocks the data for you.

You used 1.2GB this month. None of them was charged outside of the daily romaing passes you used by the way.


Thank you. Before I do what you outline, I would like be be sure that I will not incur any  data usage charges if I remain within the limit of my bundle until the end of the month. My data limit is 5 GB. Grateful for your confirmation.

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Hello @Mark k,


It shouldn’t but if by any chance this would happen we will make a refund as this is not normal (as long as you only call belgian or Thailand numbers)

Thank you. This is very helpful.

Unfortunately, the solution you outlined did not work. Having followed the instructions, we do not have access to data. We have phoned the 6000 number five or six times, and explained the same problem, we still do not have a solution. We are sent links which keep requesting  us to do what we have already done. On the app we have the message ‘you are temporarily blocked from data usage’. When I try to follow the link to deactivate the blockage, the message appears ‘.We cannot cannot make any further changes as long as we are processing you previous demand’. My partner is on the line as I write this, explaining the problem yet. 

Incredibly we have just learned that it is impossible to unblock this because there is an open order to install fiber in our home in April. Does Proximus realise that this means that we are uncontactable on our Belgian mobile numbers? We are now trying to cancel our order for fiber which Proximus strongly encouraged us to take. It is not even sure that this will resolve the problem for us. In the meantime we have had to purchase a local SIM card. That means calls to us from Belgium cost a lot of money although we have paid for  ten roaming passes that are supposed to ensure they would only be charged at the late of a local Belgian call. In addition, we cannot inform all our contacts of of this new number.

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I can see some minor data usage for today…. Can you please try to select another network manually and maybe try a few if there are around you ? 

We have just been told that it will take two days to resolve the situation. That is two days that we are uncontactable having paid the maximum amount for roaming passes. We have spent the best part of six hours trying to resolve this being passed from pillar to post. Frankly words escape me to describe this appalling service.

The data usage has not been on the blocked number ending in 75 but on a secondary number ending in 19 where 10 roaming passes have not yet been used. As we now know, this is not a problem of local network here but the locking of the Proximus system that will take two days to unblock.

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Hi @Mark k   I just check on the number ending by 19 and there are no barring on it. Btw there are the legal limit at 60€ VAT included.  So it’s why the data doesn’t work anymore


As you told, there are the pending order for the landline change that block any change of the mobile. I admit it’s a non sence to block the mobile for an order on the connection at home

If you tell me it’s ok, I can delete this limit at the technical side. If we do that, there are no monitoring on the line so proximus’ll be not responsable if you have a big bill :-/

The other solution, if you just need a data connection, it’s to just take a data packet on the esim of this device because it’s an iphone 13 mini. For example the App “My Truphone” can give you 2Gb for 18€ during 30 days in Thailand on the second sim in your device :)

Even my self as Proximus employee, I used this solution (Truphone) on my esim when I was in Dubai :) 

It’s as you want ;-)

There is some confusion here. This morning, following the activation of the tenth roaming pass for the number ending in 19. I received a confirmation by sms that my roaming pass would remain active until the end of the month without additional charges. This was confirmed in the My Proximus app where a new message appeared in relation to the number ending in 19 that a daily roaming pass is active for Zone A until 28 February. For this number I still have plenty of data remaining before I reach my limit of 5 GB and I am able to surf. The problem is in relation to the other number ending in 75. When ten roaming passes had been activated no message was received by SMS to indicate that roaming would remain active until the end of the month. On the contrary there was a message in My Proximus saying that this number was blocked from data usage (although only 1.27 GB out of the 5MB under the pack was used). Your colleague advised to try to deblock this using the app but this did not work. We have been in touch with Proximus Client Service by phone about this. Indeed the blockage is due to the order for the installation of fiber. We have cancelled that order and normally after 48 hours the situation in relation to roaming on the 75 number should be resolved. However, this has not yet happened even though more than 48 hours has passed sine we cancelled the order.



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Hello @Mark k,


I am sorry for the desagrement. The fact is that with that order we weren’t able to allow you to pass the 60€ cap that is on all our subscription. The order was already too far and we had to ask for someone else to cancel it. Now that this is finally done we were able to confirm your demand to surf without limit and you should be able to add the last Daily Roaming pass (9 were already used this month) and surf again. Sorry again for the inconvenience.

The mobile had to be change from Flex to mobilus in order to do that (because the order of Flex had been canceled and a mobile can not be flex by itself). If that’s ok for you we will re-encode the Flex order so everything will be in order ? Let us know.