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I want to change the account holder in my name to my husband's name, and I want to know if it is possible to change our base phone numbers to proximus

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Proximus employees will not be online on this public forum till monday



it is of course possible to port mobile numbers from operator X (Base) to Y (Proximus),-Keep%20the%20number&text=If%20you%20order%20in%20a,if%20you%20had%20a%20subscription)

Customer number,(s) phone number(s) and sim card number(s) will have to be provided (maybe/probably a document to be signed) via private message to Proximus (not in public on the forum)


and it also is possible to move numbers from person A to B

the above document has to filled in and sent up signed by both persons involved


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Hello @Nanda Pires,

First, I sent you by your email address the document to be completed and signed with both parties in order to change the holder of your account.

You can send it back to us at the email address indicated on this document.

Then, once the change of holder has been made, I invite you to contact our sales department on 0800 55 800

in order to import your two mobile numbers into your Proximus pack