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This question has been raised hundreds of times and has never had a satisfactory response.

Pickx proposes various languages in the multilingual options of its films yet 9 times out of 10 they are ALL French.

Seriously, it’s 2023, stop being so cheap and:

  1. buy the rights to the VO language audio channels
  2. pay your developers enough that they activate the VO options in the menu

I have the latest b-Box and decoder; all of my language preferences, in the box, the menus, the interfaces and the channels are set to English; if I’m watching a French program I expect it to be en français, if it’s British or American then it should be in English. End of story.

Please get this sorted, it’s an embarrassment.


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It’s a question of right as you say and we cannot do more

Btw, i could understand if the complaint was about the german language because it’s one of the 3 official language in belgium. It’s not the case of English

All films are traducted in french for all french speakers in the world but not for dutch speakers in dutch. So all originated english films on flemish chanels will be in english (with NL subtitles) but on french speaking chanel, it’ll be in french

If you watch a british or american films on a flemish chanel, it’ll be in english ;-)

Thanks for your reply.

We both know that even if the films were in one of the three official languages, they would still be broadcast in French.

But the problem remains the same; the option for English language is in the menu but does not work - it is misleading, so perhaps either make it work or remove it.


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Peut-être signaler à cet “honorable Gentleman” que Proximus ne fait que diffuser les chaines et n’est pas responsable de leur contenu?

Ou est-moi qui me trompe?



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@Pierre 14099 Peut-être parle-t-il de Pickx+ ?


Hi again,

En effet, je parlais de la chaîne Pickx+, donc techniquement Proximus est responsable du contenu.

Mais cela ne change rien au problème; le contenu d’une chaîne n’a pas d’influence sur la bonne ou mauvaise configuration des menus.