Bad connection in Rixensart


Dear All, 

 I live in Rixensart, and Proximus informed us (people living in Rixensart) that at the beginning of January there will be maintenance of the antenas. Ok. Fine. 

However, after this work we (not only me as I asked some neighbors also) have poor signal in the phones. Begore I had 5G and almost full signal. Now in my Samsung S22 I have just one dot as signal measure and only 4G. And for example I am not able to use SNCB application on the train station. 

Can you please check the antena again please. As many people start to be annoyed with that. 



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Hi Zbigniew,

my parents live in Rixensart, they both have a Proximus SIM in their phones and they haven’t tell me any issue whatsoever with the cellular reception recently.

and even if they have compatible devices, they didn’t see 5G on their phones.

when I go back to them, I’ll check with my iPhone if I see any difference. 🙂 

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Hello @Zbych , 

Could you please indicate your mobile number in your private profile ?
This is to do some tests with the new antenna. 

Hello @alloja , 

Could you please keep us informed about your tests ? 

Thank you !

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Hi @Zbych @alloja,

I went to Rixensart yesterday at my parents’ house.

Full signal on 3G, between 2 to 3 bars on 4G and no sign of a 5G network there yet.


Hello @VincentM 


I added my details (also my phone number) in my profile. 


Today I was surprised to see LTE with 3 bars. But that was only during around lunch time.

Or it is possible that the signal is weak when many people are using internet from Mobile Hotspot for working from home? 





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In which part of Rixensart do you live?

Because I know that by my parents, there are right in the middle between the Rixensart’s train station’s antenna and the antenna at the Profondsart’s station.