eSIM on Google Pixel 5

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As a Proximus subriber, I have question regarding the eSIM support using phones other that iPhone and Samsung.


Namely, is the new Google Pixel line-up (4a, 4a 4G, 5) supported for eSIM activation?


Thank you.

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@skal Google’s Pixel line isn’t officially sold in Belgium. So I don’t know if Proximus is going to offer the possibility to switch to an eSIM for Pixel’s owners.

However, it seems that Orange has eSIM compatibility for the Pixel 3 and 4. Maybe Proximus will add that compatibility too. Only a board admin can say if it will be added in a nearby future…

Ok, I see your point, but on the other hand , eSIM capable phones (not only iPhone, Galaxy or Pixel) are increasingly coming to the markets all over the world, so I believe restricting access based on the availability of a local market or even on the availability of a specific provider is not an ‘open’ approach.


One main reason for me actively thinking on opting for an eSIM phone is the security aspect and I would love to hear any estimation or other more specific on eSIM support from Proximus…




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Only recent iPhone’s & Galaxy’s are supported by Proximus now. But this is quite recent, so the list can grow up in the next months.

Any update about this please ? It is very disappointing to see how slow this is advancing :<

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eSIM is here: All about this fully digital SIM card | Proximus


At 1st sight I do not see why Proximus e-SIM couldn’t be used in a Pixel smartphone 

However taking into account those phones are not available in the Proximus smartphone catalogue, I am afraid the only way to find it out quickly most probably will be to test.check it yourself




so, we are bound to Apple & Samsung :(