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I’d like to add the mobile pay & go number of my son to my proximus account so I can follow up better. Unfortunately, when registering, the page keeps returning with a red box around the mobile number. (MyProximus → My account → Link your mobile numbers to MyProximus → Mobile number/enter the numbers you see in the ...)

Note: I had to call the helpdesk to active the SIM number, as it returned an error saying “This is not a valid pay and go numbers” - I tried on both IE and Chrome on a 3 year old laptop


PS: It’s good that you support 3 languages on your website, but it would be great if you could follow 1, instead of randomly switching between 3.

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In the past and if no modifications have been made in the mean time, P&G numbers can not be added to an existing MyProximus  postpaid account

A separate specific MyPx (prepaid) account has to be created for each P&G number for credit/recharge follow up