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Dear,  the problem i face is very strange :(. Very very similar to the problem defined here. 



I got asked to re-identify my SIM card by SMS which i tried to do using eID. However the web page was not progressing well and was not sure if i got identified. 

I got in touch with the Proximus team via Twitter. The Proximus team had confirmed that i got verified successfully. 

However i received a message again saying that i will need to verify.

I contacted the Proximus team at Twitter who once again confirmed that nothing to be done as i got registered successfully. (please refer to the snapshots)

And today 13/05/2023, my SIM card is not detecting the network. 

Kindly note that, my SIM card is connected to all the government online services like eID, itsme, and other as the most important administrative contact number. 

Can you kindly help me solve this problem?


My number is xxxxxxxxxxx. Kindly note that for work reasons, i am not currently located in Belgium.


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Hello @amarimuthu , 

Unfortunately, I have to confirm that your prepaid SIM card is not identified. 
Indeed, the identification of Proximus SIM cards is only possible in Belgium. 
It is therefore not possible to identify your SIM card abroad

Hello @VincentM , I contacted your colleagues who advised me that converting to post paid will help verify quickly by sending the id card to which all I did (changed to subscription and sent my id card). Awaiting the response now from your team for activation. Can you please expedite it? 

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Hello @amarimuthu,


I see that the mobile have been successfully changer to a postpaid number this morning. Can you please restart completely your phone and try to use it ? 

Thanks a lot for your help :) I see my SIM is functioning well now. Highly appreciate it.