Telephone not working already 4 days

My mobile phone 0*** only has Appels d'ugrgence already 4 days.
Tried asking Proximus to call me on that number - no reaction. I sent few complaints
reference: 37439296 , reference: 37453108 nothing. I tried talking to your bot on Facebook did not help me, that one needs a lot of work, you wasted money on that front, scrap it and hire a person.
Your sales personel do good job but your support personel do lousy job.
Fix my telephone or I will change the provider, what you do right now is really bad service.
Thanks for taking a look at this, Daniel

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Hi Daniel,

Did you already restart your device ? Also did you try your simcard in another device ?

restarted - same, tried different phone - same , it gotta be the line itself?
Can you check please or forward it to whoever might be responisble?
Much obliged Daniel T.
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If it doesn't work with another device, it means the sim card is defect. In this case you can change it for free in a proximus shop 😉

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