modem given back but already paid

Dear Madam or Sir in proximus,

My customer number is 619041815, last year stopped my proximus product. At that time, no one or terms told me that I have to give the modem back. So I was charged and paid by 119 euro, but recently I knew this issue so I went to the proximus shop and give the modem back, I got the paper saying I already given back the modem. So I'm writing to ask if you could give my money back? Because It's not my fault.

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In case there wouldn't be any reaction of Px on the forum by Monday evening it is suggested to contact them by private message via linnk below
The private message involved best should contain your coordinates and of course some reference to the document you received in the shop

Of course you also could send a registered lettre to
Proximus Customer Service Residential
Boulevard Roi Albert II, 27
1030 Bruxelles
with the same elements (& a copy of document received in the shop) to ask your money back