How to file complaint against My Proximus Phone Agent & any Action taken in reality?

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I had a call at 11:54am today on Oct 24, 2018 to your customer support agent and her behavior was rude and she simply cut the phone without addressing my issue. I am very disappointed. I believe the calls are recorded hence you may listen to it and take action against the agent I hope. Not sure if you really take any action, if you do, I would like to know what action is taken against her.
I could not find a satisfactory way to file my complaint hence writing here. I have sent an email but not sure if that would address anything or may be in a month time someone will call and say, we are sorry for your experience that's it !
Thanks for looking into

At the same time, I would like to thanks the next agent who took my next call at 12:04. He was very gentle and explained things well.
Why don't you have a system in place to praise or defame your agents!!

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