Complaint: Technician never turned up


I booked the ‘move’ option several weeks ago for last Friday (27th May) through the Proximus website. 

On Friday morning I received an SMS saying that the technician would arrive between 13.30 and 15.30. 

At 15.30, when no one arrived, I called Proximus to check someone was coming. I was told that the appointment was actually between 12.30 and 17.00 but that it was confirmed and someone would arrive as confirmed. 

At 16.35 I received another SMS saying that the technician had ‘come by’ but that ‘no one was at home’.


This is simply untrue. We were at home all day. No one rang the bell. No one called my phone. Clearly the technician decided he wanted an early finish and claimed we weren’t at home. 

When I called Proximus I was told that the next available appointment is 9 June. 

This is simply unacceptable. Both my wife and I work from home. Our livelihoods depend on good internet access. 

As my telecoms company, you have access to my phone records. If you can find a record of a Proximus technician trying to call me on Friday, I’ll accept June 9 . But I doubt you will find such a record. 

I want a solution or I will change ISP. I can’t afford to wait until June 9. 

I can propose several solutions: 1. Please either provide me and my wife with unlimited mobile until the connection 2. Call me to explain how to connect my router myself. 3. Send someone early next week to connect the internet. 

Please contact me urgently. I am very, very unhappy about this. 

Thank you. 


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Dear @HarryM I apologize for the missed appointment .

Unfortunately, the earliest date is June 08 . In the meantime, I invite you to use the data of your mobile in shared connection. It will be added for the rest of this month.

The customer experience is very important, which is why I invite you to come back to us for compensation after your move for the inconvenience suffered . 

Good afternoon.