No support receive, double billing from proximus

I have contacted customer service on the phone: they hung-up on me.

I tried by email: they just say the problem is solved for them, so they close the email request.

great, except, nothing has been solved.

Proximus sends a first invoice that mentions:

  • - 27€ for changing subscription type
  • - 40.21€ employer contribution.
  • 40.21€ bill for the month.

Result: I have a positive balance of 27.€.
Logical so far.

I then receive a second invoice (why?) that mentions that 40 are needed to be paid. From this 40€, they substract the positive balance of 27 so around 13€ to be paid left.

So far, no explanations why the 40€ bill is being asked twice. Especially as the contribution from employer should cover it already.


When I try to explain that the bill has been paid already by the employer, as indicated in the invoice, they just say they received nothing from my bank account si it is considered unpaid.

Except that if my employer is paying, OF COURSE the money won’t be coming from my personal bank account. 

I tried to active the contribution from employer with around 6 calls and 3 email request, nothing works.

WOuld not recommend Proximus: if you have the slightest issue, they do not seem to be capable of helping or fixing anything. Customer service is also extremely rude and not willing to support. 

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Hi @ALayeux 
I apologize for the contact you had with our services and that did not give you satisfaction.
On January 16, 2023 you received an email to change your pack so that the discount can be applied
The change was made on February 10, 2023, that's why you are charged for the period from February 1 to February 9, 2023.
As a commercial gesture, I have corrected the invoice for this period.
Your account is now in order and you do not have to pay anything more.
Do not hesitate to contact me again if necessary.
I wish you a good day