Router setup with WiFi bridge


Firstly, sorry for posting in english.  I am afraid that if I post in french i may not be able to properly express myself nor do I have the technical vocabulary for this subject.

I have finally resorted to trying to get some answers via the proximus forum after having searched all over google without finding answers.

I have recently purchased a personal router to connect to my BBox3 as I intend to setup a NAS.  

My setup:

wall connection → bb0x3→ router via lan port 1 of bbox3  

+wifi bridge for my tv decoder

What I want to do is to be able to turn off the wifi functionality of the bbox3 and use only my router.  I do not know if the two wifi sources next to each other would cause interference.


In following the proximus FAQ, I have ensured that my bbox3 and my router are using different addresses (192.168.1.x for the bb0x3 and 192.16.50.x for my router).  I have placed my router WAN setting in PPPoE and currently the wifi is functional.  My problem come when I try to transfer the wifi bridge via WPS to my router.  Currently the wifi bridge is connected via WPS to my bbox3 so I thought I would do the same with my router.  I am able to connect the wifi bridge to the router however the internet related functions do not work.  I still have television service, but the DVR functionality, tv guide and netfix do not work.  So my question is, is there a way to place the wifi bridge connection on my router so that I can turn off the wifi on the bbox3 and only use my router?  I find it hard to believe I am the first person who would ask this question, but I cant find answers anywhere.


Many thanks for any help on the subject.

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To work properly, a decoder must be connected to the bbox, either via ethernet or via wifi. A decoder cannot work when connected to another router, regardless via wifi or ethernet, because it needs to access another network on the Proximus network, to which a router behind a PPPoE connection doesn’t have access to.

There is no problem having the wifi of the bbox still active, it will use a different channel than your router.

Note that you have to keep the PPPoE connection of the bbox active, otherwise you will not have access to Internet - based services on the decoder, like Netflix.

I’m very surprised that you would get live TV via your router. Are you sure the bridge wasn’t connected to the bbox ?

Thank you for your response titi.  So it appears that I am required to keep the wifi of the bbox active.  Since you have indicated that this shouldnt be a problem (interference) then I will leave it like this.


As for the wifi bridge.  Yes, I was able to get television because I connected the wifi bridge to my router via WPS and the television was functional.  As such, I initially deactivated completely the wifi of the bbox.  I still had television 2 hours later still via my router, but when my wife tried to check the tv guide there was lots of lag and the menu functionality of proximus did not work either.  In turn, when I tried to access netflix, it indicated that I did not have an internet connection.  However, all the while, the tv signal functioned correctly.  I reverted back to the bbox and everything worked again.


I thank you again for your prompt response on this matter :)

Just make sure both the bbox and your router are set on automatic for the wifi channel selection, or manually select different channels. You can disable the 2.4 GHz wifi on the bbox, as the bridge only uses the 5 GHz band.


My pleasure :wink: