When can I get the fiber optic.

First of all, my English is not very good, but it is the only non-native language I know.

It's been almost 3 months since your technicians first came to my home, and I still waited for the service and equipment you promised. After countless communication (I can't remember how many times, phone calls, facebook messages). My next appointment will be on September 12, half a month later, and your customer service staff told me that this is the nearest date.

Your customer service staff is always kind, just can't solve the problem. And from my current experience, every time I called, there is a different customer service, and I have to repeat my question again and again. Don't you guys have the ability to annotate customer? And your technicians are always on going, no time to answer calls, or unable to confirm service dates. How does this incompetent and chaotic system work, don't you have an IT department?

I can describe to you how I was driven crazy by your kind service step by step.

On June 2, your 2 technicians came to replace the optical modem (the beginning of the nightmare). After 2+ hours of hard work, they told me that the new modem didn't work and they needed to take it back to debug it and come back in a few days to install it. For a few days, I can wait. After they left, I found that the internet speed at home became unbearably slow. only around 16 mbps. It's like going back to ten years ago, Well, just a few days, I can wait. Everything is fine

July 25th, 7 weeks have passed and no one has contacted me. I tried to contact your customer service, the attitude is very good as always, but they don't know that the network in my home is abnormal, and also don't know that the optical modem is not installed for me. Then I spent a week and chated with 3 customer service, and finally scheduled the maintenance on August 23. I don't know why it takes a week to determine a simple appointment. not quite right

On August 23, I am waiting for your technicians at home the whole day. Then in the afternoon I received your email notification that your technicians have come and I am not at home. The doorbell and the phone didn't ring at all. how did they knew I wasn't home. Call 0800 33 500  more than a dozen times, each time it automatically hang up. Contact customer service and they tell me that the technician cannot be reached. will call me back in an hour. No problem. and the call came back an hour later, telling me that they could not determin the date, and they would call me again the next day to confirm the date. Okay, I can wait one more day. As a result, the next day, no one contacted me at all. very unhappy

On August 26, I finally got the customer service. The attitude was also very good and told me the new appointment time. September 12th. To my credit though, for the first time in months, a customer service guy resolved one of my issues right away. that is I am dissatisfied with you, where can I complain. completely crazy

From the begining to now, nearly 3 months of waiting. incompetence and inattentiveness in your system are clearly inconsistent with your company's image. Very desperate for your incompetence and inefficiency.

at last

When can I to get back to normal internet speed.

For 3 months, I only got 1/5 internet speed. Is there no compensation?

When the hell can I get the fiber optic.

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Sorry for the delay of my answer :(


For your issue about the speed, which speed do you have when you perform a speedtest with a cable ? You speedtest of 16 mbps is by calbe or wifi ?