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Good morning, 

I do have a problem with the Proximus Pickx app. I can watch the Proximus TV and the sport subscription on the decoder but, when it comes to the app I cannot access the system on any devices. I tried on several devices (ios and Android) with no success.

I got in touch at least 20 times with the support but nobody fixed the issue.

The summary of the issues identified:

  • on mobile device the app does not open and shows the error “An unexpected error occurred. It has been recorded in our system and will be investigated”. tried on several devices with same result.
  • on Apple TV I got an error message “Access to server not possible”
  • on the PC, I can access the pickx page but everytime I try to watch a channel the system returns the message “Conentue introvable”

Has someone had some similar experience and how did you fix it? As this feature is quite important to me and the support is not providing any help, I will terminate the subscription if I am not able to watch tv on devices.

Thank you very much in advance.

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Hello @MirkoAnast,


I just made a change in your Pickx access on your account. Can you give it another try ? 

For Apple Device if it still does not work you might have to go to the settings of the device > TV provider > Sign out

Then try again.