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Hello, I ordered an iPhone 13 and it was supposed to arrive last Wednesday but it didn't so I contacted bpost and they told me that if it didn't arrive on Thursday then I had to contact proximus and I did it through Twitter and they told me that the package was ready for delivery but we are Monday and I still haven't receive any message or nothing from you or bpost and on the bpost app it still says processing so I want to know why is it taking so long for delivery?? Or is there a way I can pick it up because it seems like it will take too long if I keep waiting for the delivery....
My order number is: R4WEBSHOP*******83
And my customer number is: 28****61
(I'm writing from my friend's account because it doesn't let me create a proximus account) 

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Hey I'm Ariana the one who wrote this. I was finally able to create an account, still wondering why does it take too long to process my package and deliver it lol 

I thought I could trust proximus but apparently you can't, very bad first experience with this company... I definitely wouldn't recommend it to other people 

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Hi @Ariana 
I would like to sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused due to circumstances beyond our control.
We believe that the package was lost by the delivery company.
Would you please complete the non-receipt document? You ‘ll find it in attachment. I’m sorry it’s in french…
Then, we can resend you a new one 


Hello, thanks for the reply! @CarolineC where do I have to send the declaration? 

@CarolineC  I decided to cancel the order and get a refund, do I still have to send the declaration right? Also how many days will the refund take? 

@CarolineC pls can I have a fast answer? Because I want to buy the phone in a physical store but I can't do it without the confirmation that the order is cancelled 

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Hi @Ariana,


I confirm your order is canceled and your refund were in instance, have you received it since your last answer?

@Isabelle. Hello yes I already received it, thanks!!

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Hi @Ariana,


Perfect ! Have a nice day ! 😉