MMS sur Galaxy S9 - Androïd 10


Depuis peu, je ne reçois plus les MMS qui me sont envoyés !

Un message furtif (“Toast Message” ‘d’après mon App “Notification History”) s’affiche pendant un temps très court :

“message expiré ou non disponible”, puis plus rien !

Une idée ?

Merci d’avance ...

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FYI google search

Why does my Android Says message expired?

If the “Message expired, or not available” error prevents you from reading your text messages or MMS, clear the Messages app cache and restart your phone. Additionally, go to your carrier's support page and make sure you're using the correct APN settings. If the issue persists, reset your device



Why do MMS messages expire?

Also, this kind of behavior often means that you didn't have your mobile data turned on, or your mobile data reception was poor. If you habitually turn mobile data off, then expect to miss MMS messages, because MMS require mobile data.


What does it mean when a message has expired?

EXPIRED: Means that the handset may have been switched off or out of signal for a long period of time, and the networks validity of the message has expired. They do try to send the message to the mobile over a 24-48 hour period, after this time frame the message would have expired

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Est ce que vos données mobiles sont bien activées ? de plus, votre téléphone est il bien configuré ?