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I have contacted Customer Services on four separate occasions - twice on Messenger and twice via the submission form. It is almost a month with no response at all!!

I have the notification set up to track when  data roaming exceeds my current subscription, as I am sure most do. On Sunday 29 Dec I received three messages at exactly the same time (see attachments). Immediately I logged onto Proximus to find out that the extra use was actually almost 50 euro. 

I do not understand why the notification system is not working as intended, so I can plan my usage (and pay for additional MB) accordingly.

What will Proximus do about this? Anyone else with this problem?


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Hello @hel72 

After analysis, I could see that a text message notification was delivered at 11:59 am, another at 8:14 pm, a third at 9:00 pm and a last at 9:02 pm.
After checking in the SMS central I was able to correlate this data and I can therefore confirm that the 4 messages, especially the last three, did not leave at the same time.

At 8:14 p.m. you consumed 156.8MB for an amount of € 15,558 and the first SMS is gone. The rest followed.

The rest followed after the hours that I said but it can happen that the mobile phone does not receive sms directly after sending when a customer is abroad.
It is preferable to monitor its consumption (with my proximus for example) and not to wait for the notification SMS and as a reminder, the notification SMS will warn you when you have ALREADY exceeded the limit and given the price of the MB (0.10€/MB) you go very fast from 10 € to 60 €.

iPhone does not allow to stop mobile data with a limit imposed by the user..


Merci! All sounds very detailed and technical, and not sure I fully grasp what has happened. But I really appreciate your feedback and will certainly take your advice. I guess this is also a more effective way of getting feedback of this kind, compared to the other customer service channels?? Anyway, Thank you again for the clarification!!

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It shouldn't be more efficient here, but maybe we have more time to do this type of analysis. Also, we are a second line of analysis with access to certain less limited programs.
Thank you for your understanding and for your experience which helps us to improve our notification systems.