Hello, I would like to know how to recover my voicemail pin if I changed it and lost access to it. I would like some agent to change it for me, and tell me what it is. I've tried anyway and couldn't change it. My number is xxxxxxx and my email is xxxxx. If necessary I will give my data 

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If your voicemail is blocked, we can unlock it

Btw if not, and you just want to get it back, call the #145# and you’ll receive a SMS with the pin of your voicemail


ps : I deleted the private info you written in public ;)  I added it in your private profile

I tried with #145#, but it didn't let me, that's why I need someone to give me a new voicemail pin 

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Hi @alb7777 


I just reset your pin code, can you do a test?


It says that it is unconfigured, can you configure it for me? I just don't know how to do it. Please configure it for me 

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We cannot configure your voicemail because you have to follow the configuration steps from issue 1969.


Here is the link with the information :

Voicemail of your mobile or landline | Proximus

I just tried and the call does not connect. Is there another way to configure it? 

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Hello @alb7777,


No there is no other. What do you mean when you says the call does not connect ? What happens when you compose the 1969 ?

I call and he does not answer. Can't you assign me a pin?