Waiting since 7 October for my account to change to Flex

Changed from Gsm to Smartphone 7 Oct. Advised to change TV, landline and 2 Smartphones to Flex as we had a very old expensive contract. 

Due to error in shop had to wait 7 days before calls moved to new phone (2 visits to shop, 2 SIM card changes, 4 calls to helpline).  Endless calls later the Flex changes have only been activated on my husband's phone.  Three weeks ago told an IT error with my phone causing problem, contract cannot be updated until resolved. Ticket raised but not assigned to a person, another ticket raised and then escalated as I had been waiting so long.  I am waiting 1 - 3 hours each time to get through, each time told all will be fixed in 48 hours, but it never is.

I have been in the queue for 3 hours and 25 minutes so far this evening, another record!

How can such a simple contract upgrade take so long?  Your help would be appreciated.

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Hello @JACKY64  , first of all I would like to apologize on behalf of Proximus for the inconvenience linked to the change of pack. I see all your products are now in Flex, is everything ok for you now ?

Hi, the following day I was lucky to reach a very helpful lady who listened to my explanation and worked with an IT colleague to resolve. The second time the shop changed the SIM card the new SIM number was entered to allow my calls to move to my new phone but they missed correct entry to allow FLex to be applied.  Please thank the lady for me. So many hours wasted by me and your colleagues over the previous weeks. I was promised a credit note for our Nov bill but nothing received so far.  Appreciate your message.

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Hi @JACKY64,

thank you for sharing your experience with us. I'm glad to hear that you were able to get an answer.

I forward your thanks to that person. Your folder referring to your Flex pack is still being processed with your manager.

This person will contact you shortly to inform you of the solution provided.

Regarding your November credit score, it was introduced today. The amount in your favor is 18.53 euros.

Kinds regards.