Compaint about your customer service agent

At 14:56 today (3/3/2023), I contacted your customer service, and unfortunately, the behavior of your agent was incredibly rude. Despite my simple greeting, she began shouting and insulting me for nearly three minutes, which is highly unacceptable. I was not even given the opportunity to explain what happened. It is appalling to think that I was treated in such a manner. It made me cry.

Additionally, since the technician changed my internet to fiber yesterday, I have been unable to access the internet. Moreover, the technician was expected to arrive between 8-12, but he did not show up until after 13. Despite all of these issues, your agent still allowed herself to be disrespectful towards me. This situation is truly unbelievable, and I believe you should seriously consider the quality of your customer service.

I didn’t know how to give feedback so I am writing here. Although now I know you don’t care about customers.

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Hi @Paniz,


I am very worried to hear about this bad experience. I will immediately forward your feedback to my colleagues. You are right, this attitude is unacceptable. 😥

I see you’ve received a survey by mail (on your address :  b**** after you called Customer Service so I invite you to complete this as soon as possible.

Is your Internet access work today or it’s necessary to send another technicien at home?