Day 16 of service and in the midst of online exam, now, suddenly no wifi

It took 5 weeks of empty promises and one billing cycle before I finally received wi-fi. It has been exactly 16 days, and as of one hour ago, I have no functioning wifi and am in the middle of online exams.  There is no customer service due to the holiday. I have pored over the related troubleshooting forums. I have unplugged. I have restarted the modem, my iphone and Mac Air. All devices show I am connected, but I am not. Any tips would be appreciated. “No wifi” is the contemporary “my dog ate my homework,” and none of my professors are going to buy it during online exams. Thank you in advance for any advice. (If it helps, the second light down - DSL? - 

is flashing.)

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Hello @Derrida , 

First of all, I would like to apologize for any concerns you have encountered.
In order to see what exactly is happening on your line, I would need your customer number.

Could you communicate it to me by filling in your private profile on this forum?

Thank you in advance.