TP-LINK Router via ONT fiber Modem

Hi all,

I am setting up a TP-LINK router (ER605). I am trying to configure it so that it can reach the internet while plugged directly into the only ethernet port of the ONT. I created in MyProximus PPP credentials of this form: pw00XXXX@SKYNET/PROXIMUS. 

On my tp-link router, I set up a PPPoE connection and tagged the WAN port with VLAN id 10. The result is that the router is connected but it is given a private ip address:


I also tried to go back and plug proximus’ bbox router back into the ONT and found out that it was no more connecting to the internet because internet login and password were empty.


Hence, I plugged in the same credentials I created on MyProximus for PPP connections:


Doing so re-established a connection:

However, I still cannot reach the public internet when connected to the Bbox.


Overall, I think that the situation is now that I have PPPoE credentials that do not allow me to surf the public internet.


Can anybody help to understand what’s happening?

PS it’s fine to reply in French :) just wanted to be sure what I wrote was clear.


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The login is either SKYNET or PROXIMUS, but not SKYNET/PROXIMUS


Hi @titi70, thanks for replying. 
I am not sure I can modify that. I attach the screenshot of the myproximus webpage where I changed my login:


Well, you don’t have to modify it, but when you set it up in your router or the bbox, use either @SKYNET or @PROXIMUS 


@titi70 tu as résolu le problème. It was just this tiny bit. Sorry for bothering and thanks a lot!

My pleasure 😉 I’m surprised this doesn’t generate a login error instead…


Yeah it’s weird: it just results in the assignment of a private ip address. Thanks a lot again!