Failing to add product to myProximus account!

Hello, I am not able to add product (Pay&Go+) to myProximus account either via webpage or Android app. Every attempt gives back ”internal/server error...”. Any ideas?

Is there a way to change language of SMS notification to English?

Many thanks.


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To my knowledge a separate MyProximus account (other login) is needed per Pay&Go (it can not be added to other existing MyProximus accounts)

It however should be possible to add several MyProximus accounts to the Proximus app

Add an account in the MyProximus app | Proximus

Do any of your children have a Pay&Go prepaid card or do they need more mobile data?

Create an account for them and add it to your MyProximus app to manage their products. Keep their username and password at hand.

Hi M_016F,

Creation of separate login did the job.

Thank you.