unbelievable - how to end up with no tv and no internet

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I signed a contract with Belgacom in April, for a pack Tel+Tv+Internet. I noticed that the invoice was higher than expected, but only a couple of days ago I realised why. Although I have only 3 decoders, the invoice was for the rent of 6 decoders (one mentioned in the Pack, and 5 others in the extra options for TV). .

So I called the invoice service yesterday evening. I first talked to a guy who told me to write down the series of the decoders, so that they can delete the other 3, and to call them back. Five minutes later, I call again, to give them the series numbers. This time I had a lady on the phone. I explained her everything and she said she would delete three decoderes immediately. Well, it took her about 20 minutes and did not ask me to give her the series numbers for the three decoders that I actually have, even though I had mentioned that I wrote them down as requested. She also told me that she cannot do anything for the invoces before 27 June, and that I had to go to a boutique, if I want my money back. I said ok, I'll go.

The conversation is over and half an hour later I realise I do not have TV and internet anymore. The invoice service program was over, so I called the technical service. The first person I talked to was not at all very friendly, like I was crazy, and just telling me: You don't have a TV and an internet contract with us, so it's natural you have only your telephone working. He was the smart one, I was the crazy one. I told him: Look, Sir, I don't pay almost 300 euros every two months so that you make fun of me. Anyway, he gave me another phone number to call, without also mentioning that npbpdy would answer the phone, because their program was also over.

I call again the technical service and this time I talk to a nicer guy, who has patience to listen to me, but the outcome is the same: sorry, can't help you, you are not in our data base with TV and internet and I can't fix it.

Now I managed to find an unsecured network so that I can write my message here. I know that nothing will be solved this way, but it makes me angry when I see so much incompetence. And this is NOT the first story with Belgacom. I've never seen a worse services company.

By the way, my account on the Belgacom site doesn't work either. I had to create another one.

5 commentaires

they are a difficult problem to make via form, in

my opinion writing a private mail to EVA de Begacom is the only solution here

good surfing and have a nice day

Andre ON4HU
Thank you for your advice.

In the meantime I found out that the lady from the invoice service cancelled my contracts for TV and Internet instead of the abusive charge of 6 decoders, when I only have three. I've never ever mentioned the word Internet during my conversation with that lady. Very funny, they cut your connection within seconds, without asking this, but the reactivation, even if it's the company's fault, takes minimum 24 hours. And that is because they did a rescue file, otherwise it would have taken 3-4 days.:D:))))

It took me 1 h and 30 minutes to find out what that lady did and I talked to 4-5 persons to get to the bottom of this story, being a ping-pong ball and transferred from one to another.
Ok, so I am still without TV and Internet. They are making fun of their clients. They said last week they would call me, they said they would activate my services on 3rd November, they reassured me they would finally activate the services on Monday. They never called me, only lies. I called them for a hundred time probably this evening and they had a shocking answer: they will call me back this week, cause they still have a techincal problem.:D
I called them again this evening. They said they can't today, tomorrow it's a holiday ... and they promised I will have Internet and TV on Saturday. Like I can believe them...:))))))
Dear Eva,

I still don't have TV and Internet. I sent you messages, but to no use. I called your colleagues every single day, I'm fed up ! I guess I'll have to start looking for the offers of numericable or other companies, given that no one can solve a problem causeed by your colleagues, I've been patient enough, but it seems Belgacom does not care for or need to keep its clients.