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I accidentally used a maritime satellite on a ferry to the UK in Nov 2019 and was charged 15 euro/mb for the ‘pleasure’, 60 euro in total. After the incident I have tried to get information from the Proximus website and Customer Services. Going to the standard page of “Appels, SMS et surf depuis ou vers l'étranger” does not get you anywhere! 

So, after many ways and weeks of trying I eventually got the following lead from Customer Services via Facebook. 

  1. Go to the Legal and Contractual page:
  2. Scroll down and search for the tariff table that corresponds to the mobile subscription
  3. I search the 5 page table for “Maritime satellite” (which was not there) and then “Ferries” before finding the entry that actually applies to my situation “Cruiseships and Ferries”. Here the tariff for 1 mb data is given in the Data column. 
  4. So the only way of getting know what I was going to be charged was by looking at this table and knowing I had to look in a table of countries around the globe, and that “Cruiseships” comes between Costa Rica and Cuba. 
  5. Can I suggest that Proximus seriously improve their tariff communication to consumers. It is not as if us living in Belgium are too far away from a coastline where we can catch a ferry, so I am sure I am not the only person to suffer from receiving a terribly high bill.  

Can I suggest something like Orange?

Easy to navigate to from their homepage too!

I think this is something Proximus should do in a flash!

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