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I have a business account with Proximus (i buy a lot of services). I have moved my other business account to Proximus (0*********6) and i am a very high ARPU customer. I have been trying to understand how long it is going to take to port my number (0*********6) from Orange to Proximus and i am now holding on a call listening to music for 1 hour 31 minutes and counting. If this is the kind of customer service i am signing up for, i wonder if i have made a wrong choice about moving my business to Proximus. 


The port request was raised on the 27th May and i have no idea how long it is going to take. I called orange and they told me i have to call proximus as the requesting (or the porting in) operator and i have been unable to reach anyone at proximus. 

I have now spent a lot of time trying to reach Proximus by phone or email and find this customer service APPALLING


I hope someone calls me back.

Nitin Karmarkar (c / o Paradigm) 



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You have a mobile phone: 

  • You can always keep your telephone number. You only need a SIM card from your new operator. 
  • You sign or validate online a written mandate for your new telecoms operator. You mention in it that your new operator must ensure that you can keep your previous number. 
  • Your new operator terminates your previous subscription, takes over your number and activates your new SIM card. 
  • You can immediately transfer your telephone number to your new operator. Or: you can choose a date. 
  • Your number has been transferred after the agreed date?
    In that case, you are entitled to an indemnity of 3 euros (sometimes 5 euros). It is not granted automatically. You have to request it from your new operator. You have 6 months to do so.

Indeed your only contact is your recipient operator Proximus, the recipient operator has to take care of the whole process towards the donor operator Orange is providing info on you current operator

Your message on this public forum probably will only be picked up as of tomorrow by Proximus collaborators


Hello, thank you for your message. 

I have done all of the above and am waiting for the number to be ported over. The number still shows as ‘orange’ on CRDC. It’s been really difficult to contact the number on the proximus site (i have been put on hold for over 2 hours after which i got fed up and disconnected). It’s already 3 and a half business days since my porting request and signing up to the service. 

It’s frustrating that there is no visibility on how long it is going to take - its just i am supposed to wait till the orange network coverage disappears which is frustrating (i could be in a place where i dont have the proximus sim to replace and it could be an issue). 

i would appreciate a clear communication - it takes X days for this to happen etc. which unfortunately is not the case. 

I wonder how the customer service is going to be moving forward - i cannot accept being put on hold for hours and hours before i can get to an agent (whether the question can be answered satisfactorily or not). 



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Hello @Nitin Karmarkar 
I am sorry for this negative experience during your contact with our customer service.
An admin colleague will look at this.