Problem with my special Belgian ID

Dear All, I hope you are all safe, healthy and in good spirits. 

Here is my issue: 

My iPhone is broken and I tried to buy  one  from the Proximus shop by changing my subscription to an upgraded one.

After a lot of tries and a long telephone call with the  company’s Helpdesk, we came to the conclusion that the  system does not except my special Belgian ID (I’m a diplomat) and cannot access my data since Proximus has only access to my  municipality’s  data and not of the Foreign Ministry where the special IDs are registered.

As  a result I cannot buy a new smart phone…..I’m really  hopeless and really disappointed by Proximus. 

Any suggestion ? 

Many thanks, 

Dimitri Fatouros 

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Bonjour @Dimitri Fatouros,


Pourriez-vous me dire quel modèle vous souhaitez commander svp? S’agit-il d’une offre conjointe avec une option dataphone? Je vois que vous en avez 3 abonnements actuellement donc je vous invite à me donner les 2 derniers numéros du gsm concerné afin que je vérifie s’il est possible de valider votre commande. Merci d’avance. 

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Hi @Dimitri Fatouros ,

Could you tell me which model you want to order please? Is this a joint offer with a dataphone option?
I see that you currently have 3 subscriptions so I invite you to give me the last 2 numbers of the mobile phone concerned so that I can check whether it is possible to validate your order.
Thank you in advance.

Dear Patrice, Many thanks for your reply and apologies for my late response. 

The model is

iPhone XR 64GB Black 

for my number 0473 ****79

for the  offer please see attachment.

Many thanks, take care ! 


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Hi @Dimitri Fatouros , I ‘m following up on your request to introduce it. Have a nice day.

Many thanks Sophie. Looking forward. 

Bonjour Dimitri, votre demande vient d’être validée. Pourriez-vous essayer de vous identifier via le lien reçu, si cela ne fonctionne pas, je vous invite à envoyer une copie de vos documents d’identité à l’adresse en y mentionnant bien le numéro de référence de la demande