recharged a wrong number


I recharged a wrong number. How can I request a refund? Knowing I made a mistake I then recharged the actual number I wanted. How can I claim a refund or a credit?

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Hello @Smita  Can you mention the wrong  mobile number ? 

I invite you to put in your profil with the date and the amount recharged to make search.  Thank you .

Hello Sophie,


The wrong number was 04xxxxx1.

Recharge amount 15 euro.

Recharge date 12-03-2023.


Later when I realized the mistake I recharged the right number 046xxxxx0 with the same amount on the same date 





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@Smita  Thank you for the informations . I modified your post and put them in your profil to respect confidentiel information .

I created a request to investigate because the wrong number is not recognized .Ticket number is in Customer Global id of your Profil .

I wish you a nice day .