Worst support ever

By the end of January I moved to another flat in the same building and, as the procedure, I made a Move Request thrrought your website to fix an appointment.

The first one available was for the 15th February= nobody came at my place, so as I was all the day working from home for this reason using my other-carrier mobile datas, I almost ran out of data traffic so I plugged in the Proximus modem in my flat and everything was working fine.

I called the support and another appointment had been fixed on Saturday 18th Febr and a technician came, but he found out that there was something not matching the fiber configuration on your side. 
He managed to internally modify something and it seemed to work, but 15 min after he left, he called me telling that unfortunately that fixed wasn't appropriately made and my internet connection was deactivated. 
I had to make another appointment (why by myself !?) to sort it out with another kind of technician because of something technically specific.

The same saturday I called your Customer Service asking for a new appointment and the person told me that he fixed a new one on the Tuesday, 21.

Tuesday 21st Febr came, and as I had received any call I checked out on the website that there WAS NO APPOINTMENT FIXED ! 
I called the support again, and a lady said that she fixed another appointment for the same afternoon.
On your website I saw magically a new appointment showing up.... but for the 23rd Febr and not for the 21st February afternoon, as she mentioned me. 

I called one more time to BE SURE that appointment was planned for that afternoon and not for the 23rd. A guy CONFIRMED ME that was for that afternoon.

Now, today is the 23rd February, the date of the 3rd appointment: nobody came, AGAIN.

I called the support and they told me that they need another appointment. THAT IS CRAZY !


Enough is enough, and this is the worst ever customer experience you can provide, under the all point of view, with a complete lack of commitment into such a bad management on the technical request received.


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Bonjour @i-jaco

I am sorry to hear about your situation and I understand that it is very annoying for you. I apologize on behalf of Proximus for this inconvenience. I have just learned that a technician is being sent to your home immediately.
I hope that he will be able to solve this technical problem.
I invite you to contact us again in order to obtain compensation for this connection delay.

I wish you a good day

Good day @Vanessa P ,
Thanks for your feedback, it’s higly appreciated.


Indeed the tech came yesterday afternoon (luckly I was at home….)  and it was the one dedicated for the fiber systems: as stated by myself since the beginning, the issue is not on the fiber network but it’s a mismatch of configuration on your side.

In fact, the fiber is properly set up but what’s not working is a proper configuration between my router and the serial tag of the fiber access I have on the socket in my storage room.

This created the WLAN red Led ON in the router and give me no internet at all, because I moved my Proximus  equipments into another connection point, which is indeed another appartmnet in the same buliding.

Now, the tech said that he couldn’t fix it yesterday and, as per the weekend, another check will be performed on Monday, but I’ll be away for work the full week, coming back next Friday morning.


I really hope that this can be done remotely as it’s a pure matter of properly configurate the network within your system and it’s nothig related to my equipment I have at home or in my place.

I stay available for more details if needed, but the tech took pictures of the serial tag and all about my equipment, so you should have everything you need. If not, just let me know.

BR, Jacopo

Good day @Vanessa P ,

I hope everything is going good.


I was expecting a call from the tech who passed by my flat on Friday afternoon: he said that I should have been reached back on Monday. Today is Thursday and I heard nobody.

Do you have any update on my the status of my ticket/support request ?


I’m away, out of Belgium and I’ll come back tomorrow so I really hope that this issue has been fixed. Otherwise, I am forced to choose another provided because nobody understood how to solve a configuration issue.


I really look forward for your kind answer.

Thanks a lot for your support.


BR, Jacopo

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Hello @i-jaco , 

Could you please come and find me by private message please ?

Thank you

After being bounched in and out several time, I found in @VincentM the help and support that I needed, and I'm really happy to see that he was really the man who fixed my issue!!


Thank you so much for you rupport, my issue has been positively solved now !